Developing CEOs, Senior Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Leadership Teams to become the best versions of themselves in an environment of uncertainty and rapid change

What you can expect from me as a coach

Some of the things I bring to the table

  • over four decades of global experience as an Executive and Team Coach working with CEOs, Senior Leaders, Business Owners, top talent, and Leadership Teams in a significant number of the major global companies (including a number of Fortune 100), innovative companies operating in new ecosystems and dynamic family owned businesses, and living across North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • an uncanny ability to listen empathically, engage in a robust conversation and dig deeper below the surface, to go beyond the obvious and get to the root causes that require our attention
  • the right balance between “support” and challenge”, continuously adjusting our working style so that it is productive and reaches the desired results
  • the ability to fully integrate “who you are” and “what you do” in order to produce a real and sustainable transformation in your life, your objectives, and your results
  • a rich global network that can bring significant value and diversity to the coaching process

CEO + C-Level + Business Owner Coach

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Leadership Team Coach

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Professional Services Firms Coach

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The coach as map maker.

As a coach, I help people get from point A to point B. It sounds simple enough, but the exact terrain between the two points is often obscure and complex to get to.

The coach as lamplighter.

A coach is often the only person in an executive’s life who will hold the lamp high enough for the client to see beyond immediate commitments and goals. Executives tend to be very short tem focused. As a coach I push out the time and priority boundaries and ensure we work with the end in mind.

The coach as gap filler.

As a coach, I help identify and close skill, behavior, knowledge and networking gaps. Most people have a sense for where they lack skills, behaviors or knowledge, but as a coach I will quickly get to the pain point.

The coach as context builder.

Every environment has qualities that may not be immediately apparent to the client. As a coach, I have experience from many different environments, business ecosystems, cultures, and the benefit of an outsider’s perspective. I also help to connect the dots beyond the obvious, since the real meaning and value are often found in the not so obvious.

The coach as mirror.

As a coach, I will usually be the only one to reflect brutal and honest reality and remind the client who they are and what is most important to them.

The coach as champion for one’s best self.

As a coach, I am trained to focus attention on what is working and on the client’s strengths. I will always challenge you to go beyond what you think is possible. A coach masters the art of timely support and challenge as a means to move the client beyond his perceived limits.