This is where it all starts...

I put myself into your shoes by listening and engaging in a conversation about you.

I listen and learn to understand what keeps you up at night and what are your aspirations.

I value the uniqueness of each situation, so conversations are fluid and forever evolving. I am adaptive and responsive to situations and client needs and aspirations.

Through empathic listening, enquiry, support and challenge and endless curiosity, we move from the obvious through various layers to get to the root causes that truly require our attention.

I operate outside of the box and there’s no comfort zone. I challenge the norm and never conform to the obvious. I am multinational and multicultural and I believe my decades of global experience generate unique value.

I am a tailor.

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How I work with you to develop and transform you, your senior people, your leadership team and your business

CEO + Senior Executives + Leadership Team Coach

Developing CEOs, Senior Executives and Leadership Teams to become the best versions of themselves in an environment of uncertainty and rapid change

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Strategy Facilitator

Working with senior leadership to visualise, redefine and clarify your strategic position – where do you want to get to and how will you get there – in an environment of unique uncertainty and rapid change

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Developer of High Performing Leadership Teams

Developing high performing Leadership Teams that are visionary, strategic, inclusive, empowered, and trust, collaborate and communicate authentically

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Speaker at Conferences and Corporate Events

A clear and engaging communicator and storyteller that captures hearts and minds, and connects with your audience at a very personal level

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