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We are living in an environment of uncertainty and rapid change.

Social and economic variables have shifted rapidly, client expectations and behaviours have become unpredictable, our people and teams are emotionally weary and worried about the future, our business ecosystems are stressed, we’re questioning our business models and we are redrawing our strategic plans.

CEOs, business owners and C-Level executives are living in a very challenging world that most were unprepared to deal with.

Speed, clarity, resilience, flexibility, agility, trust, authenticity, collaboration, communication are words that most were use to speak, but few were used to practice.

We can no longer operate within our comfort zones. In fact, there are no comfort zones anymore in this environment of uncertainty and rapid change.

To be resilient and live without comfort zones, senior executives and their teams must constantly assess the context they operate in, their skills, knowledge and development needs, and must ensure they are able to cope productively and timely with an environment that is in constant transformation.

In organisations that are complex, global, diverse, rich in experiences and ultra dynamic, we can no longer expect that senior leadership and their teams be prepared to respond to the uncertainty and rapid changes, unless we help them up their game to deal with this new reality.

This is where I come in!

I develop you, your people, your teams and your business,

through a co-created, collaborative, focused and simple process,

to resolve your current challenges,

and pursue inspiring opportunities and new solutions in times of uncertainty and rapid change.

I have developed an intuitive integrated model that helps understand the interdependence, develop, and generate sustainable value between

The Individual – at the core, it all starts with the person and his/her need to be trusted and credible; trustworthiness and credibility are be built through a journey of self-discovery.

The Other – as social animals, human beings build relationships with others; we build relationships through a consistent set of behaviors.

The Team – teams are a basic building block to generate value within any business or initiative; developing identity, trust, collaboration, and authentic communication are at the core of building a high performing team.

The Organization – efficiency, effectiveness, and the ability to generate impact and sustainable results are the core of any organization’s intent; this can only be successfully achieved through simplicity and the alignment of purpose, culture, strategy, and action.

The Market – building a reputation is at the center of any corporate or personal brand; the most effective way to build reputation is through a brand strategy that incorporates clear and authentic narratives.

The Society – ultimately, most individuals and organizations aim to leave a legacy – their footprint, so to speak; in times of uncertainty and rapid change, when so many feel let down by the ability (or willingness) of their governments to deal with the fundamental issues affecting global society, corporate activism takes shape as a cornerstone of society with the ability to affect some real and sustainable change.

This simple and intuitive model is, often, at the core of the conversations I have with CEOs, C-Level executives and Business Owners. It is a conversation starter that helps us get to the real core issues that are keeping them up at night.

This is where it all starts...

The fine art of conversation and empathic listening

I put myself into your shoes by listening and engaging in a conversation about you. 

Listening and learning to understand what keeps you up at night and what are your aspirations. There is no product off the shelf that can provide an instant solution to a pain, a preoccupation, a need or an aspiration that we are unaware of.

I am a tailor.

I value the uniqueness of each client situation, so each conversation is fluid and forever evolving. I am adaptive and responsive to situations and client needs and aspirations.

Through empathic listening, enquiry, support and challenge and endless curiosity… we move from the obvious through various layers to get to the root causes that truly require our attention.

This is where it all starts…

How I co-create and collaborate with you to develop and transform your people, your teams and your business

Developing CEOs, business owners, C-Level executives and top talent to become the best versions of themselves in an environment of uncertainty and rapid change

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Working with you to redefine and clarify your strategic position – where do you want to get to and how will you get there – in an environment of great uncertainty and rapid change

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Developing high performing Management Teams that are visionary, strategic, inclusive, empowered, and trust, collaborate and communicate authentically

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Working with CEOs, business owners, C-Level executives and top talent to transform organizational models and generate a positive and sustainable impact in people’s lives, business results and society

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A clear and engaging communicator and storyteller that captures hearts and minds, and connects with your audience at a very personal level

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I'm a member and contributor of the

Forbes Coaches Council

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I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading executive business coaches and career coaches. As an official member, I contribute to Forbes on such topics as CEO and C-Level growth and alignment, strategy in uncertain times, high performing management teams, cultural DNA, organisational effectiveness, trust, collaboration and communication.


Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only community for successful business and career coaches. Through a rigorous selection process, members are selected not just on the basis of career success, but on their diversity of experience, diversity, perspective and willingness to give as much as they gain. They then enjoy a private forum for discussion and collaboration, the opportunity to share insights by writing articles and participation on expert panels on

A great relationship begins with a simple conversation!

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I have dedicated the past 40 years to the understanding of how senior leadership, business owners and teams generate value in dynamic business ecosystems and environments of rapid change.

I have specifically focused on the challenges faced by C-level leaders, business owners and top talent to engage the hearts and minds of their people, on how to create viral structural and sustainable transformation that generates “new ways of working” and “new ways of being”.

I am the result of these experiences and of an insatiable need to continuously challenge the status quo and look for new and innovative ways to address the leadership challenges of today… and anticipate those of tomorrow.

I know you share this passion and curiosity and I look forward to collaborating with you and to explore how, together, we can co-create and collaborate to engage in a “real play” thought-provoking and creative process which inspires you to “connect the dots” and maximize your personal and professional potential

I’ve co-founded Costa-Cavallo

a unique business development and growth initiative

We work with you to transform and grow your people, your business, and your brand.

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We live in times of uncertainty and significant rapid change.

Clients, business executives and owners, employees, shareholders, partners and society are looking to create sustainable answers to new problems and uncertainty.

We focus on the challenges and opportunities facing the mid market and actively work with them to provide practical and actionable solutions.