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Our social, economic, technological, and cultural frameworks are shifting rapidly. Our world has become even more asymmetric. Our clients’ expectations and behaviors have become unpredictable. Our people and teams are emotionally weary and worried about the future. Our business ecosystems are stressed and our partners are inwardly focused. We are rethinking our business architecture, models, and strategy.

CEOs, business owners and senior leaders are living in a very challenging world that most were unprepared to deal with.

Speed, clarity, resilience, flexibility, agility, trust, collaboration, communication are words that most leaders have spoken, but few practice with authenticity.

We can no longer operate within our comfort zones. In fact, there are no comfort zones anymore in this environment of uncertainty and rapid change.

No matter how effective your vision, your strategy, or your communication, you will fail to achieve the desired results if you can’t inspire trust.

To be resilient and live without comfort zones, senior executives and their teams must constantly assess the context they operate in, their skills, knowledge and development needs, and must ensure they are able to cope productively and timely with an environment that is in constant transformation.

In organisations that are complex, global, diverse, rich in experiences and ultra dynamic, we can no longer expect that senior leadership and their teams be prepared to respond to the uncertainty and rapid changes, unless we help them up their game to deal with this new reality.


I develop you, your people, your teams and your business,

through a co-created, collaborative, focused and simple process,

to resolve your current challenges,

and pursue inspiring opportunities and new solutions in times of uncertainty and rapid change.


I put myself into your shoes by listening and engaging in a conversation about you.

I listen and learn to understand what keeps you up at night and what are your aspirations.

I value the uniqueness of each situation, so conversations are fluid and forever evolving. I am adaptive and responsive to situations and client needs and aspirations.

You can’t transform what’s going on around you, until you transform what’s going on within you!

Through empathic listening, enquiry, support and challenge and endless curiosity, we move from the obvious through various layers to get to the root causes that truly require our attention.

I operate outside of the box and there’s no comfort zone. I challenge the norm and never conform to the obvious. I am multinational and multicultural and I believe my decades of global experience generate unique value.


CEO + Senior Executives + Leadership Team Coach

Developing CEOs, Senior Executives and Leadership Teams to become the best versions of themselves in an environment of uncertainty and rapid change

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Strategy Facilitator

Working with senior leadership to visualise, redefine and clarify your strategic position – where do you want to get to and how will you get there – in an environment of unique uncertainty and rapid change

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Developer of High Performing Leadership Teams

Developing high performing Leadership Teams that are visionary, strategic, inclusive, empowered, and trust, collaborate and communicate authentically

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Speaker at Conferences and Corporate Events

A clear and engaging communicator and storyteller that captures hearts and minds, and connects with your audience at a very personal level

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I am a Portuguese American who lived and worked in the USA, Canada and London before moving to Barcelona. After spending 25 years in the USA (a product of American Universities and a Partner at a strategic consulting firm in the 80s), I became a coach, mentor and strategic advisor to CEOs, C-Level executives, business owners, and senior leadership teams in a significant number of the major global companies (including many Fortune 100), innovative companies operating in new ecosystems and dynamic family-owned businesses. I am also a coach and a leadership and business advisor to senior partners in Professional Services Firms (Big4 Firms and Consultancies) and Law Firms. I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Counciland a business mentor at Torch. 



I'm a member and contributor of the Forbes Coaches Council

I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for the world’s top executive business coaches.

As an official member, I contribute to Forbes on such topics as CEO and C-Level growth and alignment, strategy in uncertain times, high performing management teams, cultural DNA, organisational effectiveness, trust, collaboration, and communication.

I write articles and participate on expert panels on (Luis’s Forbes Profile)

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I'm a Leadership and Business Mentor at Torch + Everwise

I am a leadership and business mentor at Torch + Everwise, a global platform of mentors, coaches, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and people managers who have seen first-hand the impact of thoughtful leadership. It exists to build better leaders and through the belief that business growth comes from personal growth.