We build simplicity, resilience and results by taking care of the individual, the relationships and the teams

Developing people and teams that are emotionally aware and stress tolerant

In an environment of uncertainty and rapid change, we want to develop and sustain resilient people and teams. We are particularly focused on creating the conditions to people and teams to be emotionally aware and stress tolerant.

Resilience includes a set of skills and behaviors that enable us to bounce back when we face adversity. They also help us live a successful and fulfilling life.

Resilient people and teams bounce back rapidly, they are courageous and creative. They promote healthy relationships with themselves, with others and with the environment.

To build resilience sustainably, you want to find your equilibrium between body, heart, mind and spirit. You also want to develop your ability to navigate the ups-and-downs with greater ease and serenity.

Our model focuses on four key components

Self-regard – focusing on motivation, optimism, confidence, and self-respect

Self-awareness – focusing on introspection, openness, integrity, and self-knowledge

Social perception – focusing on empathy, observation, anticipation, and interpretation

Social effectiveness – focusing on influence, relationship management, conflict management and ego management

Developing a cultural DNA that promotes trust, collaboration and authentic communication for people and teams

To become high-performing in this new reality, teams and organizations need to evolve their concept of culture into a much more useful framework. They need a cultural DNA.

A cultural DNA provides a space where all team members cohabit, interact and work toward a common end — while preserving individual cultural identities.

By cultural identities we mean not just one’s national, regional or local culture, but also the local office culture; the culture of being a finance, a commercial or a production person; generation or gender culture; the culture one acquires through education, both formal and through the school of life; culture born out of successes and failures, out of happiness and sadness; the culture shaped out of achievements; what we experience with friends and enemies; the legacy from our families, including the good, the bad and the ugly — and so much more.

We bring together people who are professionals, through a rich collection of experiences that we want to preserve, cherish and harness into a cultural DNA that generates value, energy and passion across the organization.

What does a cultural DNA look like?

A cultural DNA blends powerful ingredients to create a common language. It creates a playing field that is embraced by all team members. The cultural DNA becomes the cement the team uses to build its story. The cultural DNA is the common thread that runs through all members of the team and creates a unified sense of purpose, an ability to trust and to collaborate and a willingness to communicate.

First, we set the cement for understanding and bonding through – Purpose, Values, Behaviors And Rituals

Second, we set the cement for building efficiency into the day-to-day interactions through – Decision-Making Model and Conflict Management And Innovation Model

Third, we set the cement for building communication and understanding through – Leadership Model, Diversity Model, and Communication Model

My cultural DNA model was featured in an article published by the Forbes Coaches Council in Forbes.com.

You can downloaded it in the attached Pdf.