Reframing people + businesses + brands in a world of uncertainty and rapid change

I’ve co-founded Reframerebel

a unique transformation initiative

We are people + business + brand transformers.


We live in times of uncertainty and significant rapid change.

Social and economic variables are changing rapidly, expectations and customer behaviors have become unpredictable, our people and our teams are emotionally tired and worried about the near future, our partners and business ecosystems are stressed, we are questioning our organizational  models and our strategic plans are no longer valid.

Adapt quickly, face current challenges productively and identify new opportunities …

You will have to re-energize your people, reconnect your teams, simplify the complexity of your business and create new ways to generate value, undertake a renewed journey with your clients and reinvent the way you communicate through strategic stories that capture hearts and minds.

In a word, you need to “reframe”! … your people… your business… your brand!

How we approach reframing

Reframing is an organic process of co-creation and collaboration that integrates three key elements, enabling us to understand the present and build a new future that is dynamic and adaptable.

It offers us a fresh new integrated way to look at the world and generate new solutions for a new reality, through work places where people create sustainable value.

Our perspective on people

looking at people to generate “new ways of being” and “new ways of doing”

Our perspective on business

looking at business energizing experience, talent, cultural DNA, business arquitecture, business ecosystem, and value generation through a multi-dimensional world of possibilities

Our perspective on brand

looking at brand, travelling to its essence to generate new value propositions, brand strategies and stories

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”Transformation isn’t about improving.

It’s about Re-thinking!”

Luis Soares Costa