My approach starts with a conversation and a blank sheet of paper...

My Approach

I partner with you and/or your teams in a “real play” thought-provoking and creative process which inspires you to “connect the dots” and maximize your personal and professional potential.

Through co-creation, collaboration, disruption, agility and value, we develop a relationship in which both sides work to reach an agreed-upon destination.

1 – Co-creation – Because no one knows your team, your business and its historical, social and economic context better than you; therefore, we must work together to co-create your unique solutions.

2 – Collaboration – Because I believe that everything we do must be structural, and structural means that you and your people must be fully involved in its implementation and must own it, and socialize it throughout your business ecosystem.

3 – Disruption/Construction – Because I believe that my job also is to push the boundaries of the known, the boundaries of the comfort zone, the boundaries of the acceptable, into the unknown, the uncomfortable and the challenging, or I’m not doing my job. I also believe that I must be part of proposing “new ways of working” and “new ways of being” to construct after we disrupt.

4 – Agility – Because we live in a fast world with fast changing variables where we need to achieve sustainable results quickly.

5 – Value focus – Because it is key to measure and demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative impact of the “new ways of being” and “new ways of working” that we design and implement across your business ecosystem.

The aim of the partnership is to bring about a sustained behavioural and performance transformation and profoundly shift the quality of your and your team’s working and personal life, whilst maximizing your potential and generating sustainable value.

How I Work

My approach starts with a blank sheet of paper… It all starts with an “exploratory conversation” between us to do a “deep dive” and ultimately see whether “we are the right fit and we want to work together”.

We engage in conversation… we listen, we watch, we connect and we engage… conversation is at the core of every relationship… and I value my relationship with you.

I work with the end in mind… and we will clearly agree the “why” (the purpose) of what you are looking for. Agreeing goals and objectives will give us a “clear place to get to”.

Then, we co-create and we design… it is important to “win hearts and minds”. It’s not just an intelectual exercise. Every situation offers an opportunity to innovate, to refresh, to take a new look, to imagine a new way. So, I work with you to generate the way forward. We co-create our own work style and processes, and we agree milestones and metrics to measure our progress.

Then, we simplify, make it clear, accessible and doable…

Then… we “spice it up”… I make sure you and your teams will properly challenged and supported throughout the process… I will move you out of your comfort zone to try new things and to experiment… I will support you by helping you find new and different ways…

I will also introduce you to new and different perspectives… and will also provide you with a safety net.

Then… we make sure it will be fun… for you and your teams… and for me… not always, because shifting and changing are sometimes painful… but in the measure and to the degree that ensures that you will look forward to the process and be engaged with it.

Then… I look at myself and consider where I need to shift and adapt in order to be more effective and have a greater impact.

Then… we begin our journey and build our RoadMap…we engage in our formal process and informally in a variety of different ways that make the process real and useful… moving, shifting and adapting “in the moment” and as the situation requires.

And finally… we co-evaluate… and we continuously receive and give each other feedback about the process and the outcome.

About me...

What I Do

CEO & C-Level Executive & Team Coach

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Global Transformation Specialist

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Global Post Deal Integration Specialist

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Corporate Offsite Designer & Facilitator

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High Performance Team Builder

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”Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."


Henry Ford